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The Not-to-be-Missed KEFI Experience

A Taste of Greece - Come be Greek

Greek Shopping at its Best

Shop the Bakáliko grocery store for Greek olives, feta cheese, olive oil, delicious sweet tsouréki holiday bread, hearty Greek country bread, basil, oregano, olive oil soaps and other specialty items, like avgolemono soup. Paired with our Greek country bread, this egg and lemon soup (available in cans) will transport you to your Yiayia’s (Grandma’s) kitchen. 

Enjoy Greek cooking at home with our award-winning cookbook, The Grecian Plate, now in its 11th printing with over 50,000 copies sold! The Grecian Plate contains time-tested, easy-to-follow home recipes and menus, shared with love by the members of St. Barbara Church.  It’s available at the Bakáliko Greek Grocery in our indoor marketplace.

Browse our boutiques featuring gifts, handmade jewelry, original art created from natural elements, crafts, Greek fisherman hats, souvenirs, unique T-shirts, ceramics, linens, home decor and “mati” novelties imported from Greece… and more. 


A Taste of Greece Marketplace

Bakáliko Greek Grocery

Feta cheese, olive oil, olives, sweet tsouréki Greek holiday bread, dried herb seasonings & more.

Bordeaux Lane Studio

Handmade jewelry & decoupage items embellished with historical art images.

Earth, Sea, and Sun Artistic Creations

One-of-a-kind art treasures created by Tom, Jaco, and Joseph Xarlacos from organic elements such as shells, stone, rock, sand, wood, and recycled materials.


Greek-themed T-shirts for infants to adults, colorful handmade ceramics, home décor for the kitchen and bath and “mati” novelty jewelry imported from Greece.